'In-between' was an exhibition outcome of a one month artist residency series undertaken by Robbie Rowlands in the country town of Charlton Victoria in September 2014. Artist Robbie Rowlands captures the essence of two sites united by one river through sculpture, photography and sound. Through a series of artist talks and the creation of site-specific artworks Rowlands introduced his practice to a broad section of the community. This engagement opened up new ways of considering contemporary art within the context of the rural landscape and country communities.

The project was co supported by Regional Arts Victoria and Charlton Arts Inc.

Thanks to Andy and Paula Wright, Charlton Men's Shed, Nola Wright, Carolyn Olive & Family, collaborative project participants, the Charlton community, Kim Bennett and Regional arts Victoria .

Some still cry when it rains

Some still cry when it rains looks at both the trauma of the 2011 floods and the current drought that is affecting the region. Rowlands spent nights wondering in the dark in the dry river beds capturing spot lit images of hay suspended in trees from the floods, tangled wire and other forms. The series of images were projected on opening night onto a silo from a stack of hay bales. An accompanying sound work that utilised old car leaf springs hit together at the shed site created a bell like composition.

Photo - Robbie Rowlands

Photo - Jenny Pollard

Photo - Martin Kelly

Photo - Jenny Pollard

Photo Series - Robbie Rowlands